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Public Policy and Education

Public Policy is an important part of the focus of The ALS Association Tennessee Chapter.  We are proud to join with our families, supporters, and volunteers to advocate for the needs of people with ALS and their families. 

National Advocacy

Every Spring, The ALS Association holds The National ALS Advocacy Day & Public Policy Conference in Washington, D.C.  Each year we bring a delegation of people living with ALS, caregivers and anyone interested in advocating for ALS living in Tennessee. We meet with every legislator representing our service area in our state to educate them about ALS and urge their support for The ALS Association's Top Public Policy Priorities for that year. This Conference is open to anyone who is willing and able to attend. Click here to Learn More About National ALS Advocacy Day.

State Advocacy

Our Chapter also conducts advocacy efforts on the state level. We work with people with ALS, their caregivers, families, and friends to stay focused on the local issues impacting their lives. ALS affects not only the patient, but our community and we strive to bring the state of Tennessee together to support ALS issues by educating local legislators on ALS and its effects on Tennessee families.

  • Provide The Chapter with your input on issues regarding advocacy.
  • Sign up to Become an ALS Advocate below. This will insure you will be kept informed on the issues and will give you notice as to when, why, and how to get in touch with your representatives.
  • Volunteer to develop relationships with your state and federal legislators or staff and let us know about your efforts.
  • Volunteer to work on advocacy projects at area Walks to Defeat ALS®
  • If you are hosting a third-party event for The ALS Association, be sure to include advocacy and education as a part of your event.
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Become an Advocate

Your Voice Counts!

An ALS Association Advocate is a foot soldier in the battle to defeat ALS. An ALS Association Advocate is someone who is passionate about getting involved with government at all levels to draw awareness and resources to the people affected by this disease. An ALS Association Advocate is someone who is willing step outside of their comfort zone to effect real change in the way our government responds to the needs of the ALS community. Even if you aren't a friend relative, supporter or business associate of a legislator, you can open doors through your outreach. As an ALS Association Advocate, you can help change the laws and policies that affect thousands of persons with ALS and their families.