ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Progress


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Help change the future with us by fighting monthly. 

We are a community of ALS fighters who are working toward the day

we can say we helped to create a world without ALS. This is our story.


Invest in a world where no one has to lose a loved one to ALS again. 

Join now by donating monthly!

100% brings expanded services to people battling ALS and their loved ones across the state of Tennessee. 


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Communication board, cane, assistive devices for eating and dressing, pivot disc & gait belt for safe transfers, one set of resource guides for client, bereavement follow up

Voice amplifier, neck brace, rolling walker with seat, call system for bed bound clients, shower bench, transport wheelchair, arm support system

Standard manual wheelchair, wheelchair cushion, one respite grant, communication program visit, IPAD for communication program, client emergency assistance

Batteries for power wheelchair, one area support group for a year, lift chair, portable ramp

Manuel patient lift, shower wheelchair, 1 year of respite for one client, client newsletter annual mailing

Power patient lift, assist with cost of power chair or communication devices with Eye gaze, home visits statewide for support, education and assistance navigating the healthcare system for ALS clients and families


•  ALS Clinics
•  Medical Equipment Loan Program
•  Communication Program
•  Advocacy and Public Awareness Campaigns
•  Patient and Family Education Programs
•  Support Groups



By working together we're unstoppable. Thank you to our founding members who joined us in February 2018:

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Jeanette Badar
Lauren Bonds
Beth Bumgardner
Jeff Carpenter
Julie Farris
Carl Goff
Jenifer Gregory
Joe Grenvicz
Kelsey Healey
Zach Jackson
Tate Myers
Stephanie Nitti
Adam Nuse
Anne Rawlins
Galen & Lora Le Rawlins
Andria Sitar
Michelle Sweeney
Steve Wallace
Justin Wandell

It takes a certain type of person to make a difference in the world. To choose to fight for others.

Thank you for being one of them.